TERMS AND CONDITIONS – Maternity and Portrait Photography
1) By arranging the date for the photo shoot, the client confirms that he|she has seen my portfolio – my work, he|she is aware of the prices for the photos and the scope of the services. Any extra services are chargeable.
    • Photographs at family, maternity, portrait photography are available on USB / Zoonerama.com. Printed photographs are not included.
    • For Portrait or Maternity photography i can accept only maximum 4 adults(Please feel free to ask me if you want to do a group photo session, but remember, there is a different price)
    • For Maternity and Portrait photos, prints are included in the price.
    • Delivery of printed photos and Delivery of digital images on USB are not included in the price. Please, always ask me for Delivery price.
    • You have to make a booking for Photo session with me by paying a deposit £30 [£100 for Weddings] .
    • The deposit is refundable only within 10 [80 days for Weddings] days before shooting.
    • If you do not come to a photo shoot without giving a reason, the deposit will be forfeited to the photographer who will pay the cost of lost profit and time
  • I have the right to cancel or move a photo shoot because of unfavorable weather, my sudden illness or technical problems with my camera or car.
  •  And how long you will waiting for your images? The Silver Packages between 1-3 weeks from our Photo session. The Golden Packages: 4 weeks from our Photo Session.
2) In my photographs, I try to capture the most faithful reflection of reality, ie in basic modifications (acne, shrinking, splashes), contrast, color toning, trimming …) I do not make significant changes in appearance, changes in body proportions, great graphic editing. If you need this information, check out their price. I only retry what has a temporary character (haze, acne, scratches). Your appearance is not retouched (do not enlarge your breasts, do not remove the lower lid, do not lose kilograms) But please feel free to ask me for high retouch.
    • Please come at our photo session presentable (hair cut etc).
  • Select suitable clean clothers. If you are not reconciled with your character, choose flattering clothes.

3) The child’s inaccuracies at family or maternity photo session cannot be attributed to the photographer.

4) My props are available only for taking pictures with me they will not be allowed for taking pictures with another photographer.

5) You can´t taking pictures by your phone or by your owen Camera on our photo session, because there is Copyright.


Hello everyone 🙂

The Wedding Day is a Big Day in your life and i want to enjoy your Big Day together with you!

  • The booking fee is £100
  • The last payment need to be done one day before Wedding Day please
  • I am fully covered with photographers insurance ( Public Liability, breaking down etc) Also I have no only one camera, so you don´t  need to worry if one of my cameras will letting me down. All my stuff is only professional photographers stuff.
  • Please feel free to contact me.

And how long you will waiting for your pictures?

  • All the best images ( 400-700 images ) would be uploaded to your Private website gallery between 1 – 3 weeks from your Wedding Day.
  • A Wedding Portraits will be ready for you between 2 – 4 weeks after your Wedding Day.
  • A printed images with personalised wooden box and USB will be ready for you between 3 – 4 weeks from your Wedding Day.

    • Information (phone, email) obtained in connection with the performance of the activity will not be provided to third parties.
    • By signing, you agree to me to your retain your photos and the basic information – name, edited photo and possibly phone / email for 3 years. After this periond all data will be deleted.
  • Do you agree with the publication of your photos in my portfolio? (Facebook, web ,Instagram , printed portfolio)
If YES, your photos will be used for presentation on Facebook , Instagram (Kalidron.Photography) or on the web (http://kalidron.photography/) or will be invoked in the printed portfolio.
How you wish to be contacted?
    1. by email
    1. by mobile phone
    1. by landline
    1. by social media messenger -Facebook
    1. by post
  1. do not contact me to the future please
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25th May 2018